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We have been manufacturing high quality prototype to production parts while providing the best possible service, quality products, competitive pricing, quick responses that our customers require.


Utilising 5-axis technology,Milling, Turning, Grinding and Lapping we can provide bespoke solutions for your production needs.


We have our own temperature-controlled inspection laboratory on site featuring CNC CMM inspection equipment, roundness and more.


Aerospace, Aircraft, Energy, Oil & Gas, Automotive and Gimblas, Drone manufacturing.

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DST CNC Precision Tech has a vast experience of more than 10 years in CNC machining and manufactuaring services in Shenzhen. DST CNC is known by our customers as a manufacturer of precision machined products with exceptional customer care and precise accuracy that is competitively priced.

Well-equipped and with a highly skilled and experienced staff, we are able to undertake high-quality contract machining and much more.

Our capabilities include 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC milling, CNC Turning, CAD/CAM and CMM inspection. The combination of highly skilled engineers and state-of-the-art production equipment enables us to offer precision machined components for all industry sectors. So, whether it’s the Robotics, Aircraft, Aerospace, UAV, Automotive, Medical, Optics, Handheld Gimbals and Energy, we have the technology and the team to engineer a solution.

DST CNC delivers reliable manufacturing and machining services in industries of Automotive, Optics, Optical, Sensors, Robotics, Oil & Gas, Drone & UAV, Electronics and Automation Industries etc.

Our clients including but not limited to global famous manufacturer of drone, hand-held Gimbals, Medical devices and so on.

Our target is to offer the one-stop solution to our client, including:

  • Manufacturing & Assembly Services
  • CNC Turning Parts
  • CNC Milling Parts

We have been committed to manufacturing and providing the best possible cnc machined parts to serve our customers since the company was established.

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