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With DST PRECISION TECH you can be assured, whether it is one part or thousands, that your job will be done with an eye toward detail and complete customer satisfaction. Quick turn around on quotes and on time delivery is what keeps our customers coming back. Some of the industries Manufacturing serves includes:

we has the knowledge, the experience, and the equipment to create a custom component for nearly any application. We’ll work with you and your designs to assess your situation and create the perfect component tailored to your specific needs.

We offer cnc machining service to industries as follows but not limited to


Modern aircrafts enlist an ever-expanding complement of precise and complex parts in order to operate with consistent efficiency, safety and durability. The complexity of modern aircraft cannot be overstated: elaborate systems of avionics, trim systems and servo tabs, evolving hydraulic assisted control surfaces, and improved engine mechanics require precise components in order to function.


DST CNC has extensive experience with CNC machining for the aircraft industry. As air travel continues to build and expand, aircraft fleets consistently need the best parts to maintain efficient, reliable operation and safety. Precision and accuracy are of the utmost importance when machining components for civil aviation and military aviation needs.


cnc parts for automotive

We provide CNC Machining Service for industrial vehicle OEMs and component manufacturers. CNC machining allows parts and components to be built with higher tolerances and better efficiency, leading to more power.  precision, tolerance and smaller sizes — that have resulted in increased reliability and power have resulted in more speed and better efficiency.

CNC Machining Parts for UAV / Drone industry

Our advanced  CNC machines precisely mill components which meet the rigorous demands of the Drone industry, ensuring the highest tolerances possible – less than .0001.  fit perfectly into drone assembly.

CNC Machined Drone Parts

There are many different commercial applications for drones. One of the most popular application is take photography by your UAV. UAV’s (or drones) are utilized in many kinds of fields, and are continuing to expand. It is widely use in

  • Public Safety and Service
  • Media
  • Agriculture
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Delivery
  • Military & Defense