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We custom manufacturer specializing in CNC precision machining of mill & lathe components for medical, aircraft, aerospace & OEM parts.

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining uses computers to control the machine, be they mills, grinders, lathes or routers. For the most complex parts to be machined, five-axis machining is the cutting-edge technology and the reason why it is used for most aerospace applications.

we can provide engineering assistance and outsourced engineering consulting services as needed. Our vision is to be a strong manufacturing partner for each of our customers.

With our best-in-class capabilities, high quality standards and supply chain tracking system we can deliver your products in the most cost effective way.

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DSTCNC is pleased to provide CNC precision machining, custom machine building, reverse engineering, five-axis machining and milling and a host of other machine services to companies across a broad spectrum of industries. With years of machining experience, you can trust us to deliver consistent results for every project. Whether yours is a small start-up business or a multinational Fortune 500 organization, you will experience the world-class quality, service and support from our company.

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What is a Swiss Style Lathe?

A Swiss Lathe is a type of lathe whereby the holding mechanism or collet is recessed behind the guide bushing. The Swiss lathes are commonly known as Swiss screw machines, Swiss automatic lathes or Swiss turning centers. The Swiss lathe differ from the traditional lathes in the way that the holding mechanism or collet that holds a bar stock will not be exposed directly to the lathe bed and the tooling. This particular configuration provides this specific machine tool a number of benefits over the traditional type lathes.

The advantages of the Swiss lathe over traditional lathes are due to it utilizes guide bushing. The guide bushing purpose is to offer an additional support to stock material when the part is machined or turned. This guide bushing is fitted closely yet not tightly to surround the bar-stock materials. The support of this bar-stock material means that the functions of the guide bushing act in a similar fashion as steady-rest does on carriages of traditional lathes. Read more

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What Are the Differences between Conventional CNC and Swiss Machining?

What Are the Differences between Conventional CNC and Swiss Machining?

Will conventional CNC machining solve my problem, or do I need CNC Swiss machining? What’s the difference between the two?

There are distinct advantages and applications for both, but they are very different processes. Choosing which precision machining process depends on the specific job.

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